Godwin Home Page

A Database of Godwin's Teaching


This is a searchable database of Godwin's teaching. Here it is possible to look up all of Godwin's references on a particular subject, with links back to the document which contains it.

Try entering loving-kindness in the form below and then search for it; or maybe you would like to find all the times Godwin referred to Thich Nhat Hanh, for instance.

Part-word searches are also possible: e.g. searching for "meditat" will turn up meditate, meditating, meditation, meditator, and meditators, etc.

To ensure this will work offline as well as online the database is written in javascript. If you are online it is a little slow when you make your first search, as the array has to be loaded into memory, afterwards the next search will be acceptable. It really needs a broadband connection for this facility to work well.