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Godwin in the Waldhaus 1996
Discovering Meditation (9 Retreat Talks)

2nd edition edited by Jeanne Mynett and Esther Thien (2009)





1: Discoveries

2: Meditation on Breathing

3: Loving-Kindness

4: Emotions

5: Thoughts

6: Stillness

7: Relationships

8: The Four Noble Truths

9: Everyday Life



It is a great pleasure to have completed the editing of a second set of transcriptions from Godwin’s retreat talks at the Waldhaus in Nickenich, Germany. As with the first set of talks from the Waldhaus in 1998, there is always the problem of converting the spoken word into a written form, and I have tried to balance faithfulness to the original with readability. I hope that Godwin’s voice still comes through, especially his humour and lightness!

Many thanks to the Waldhaus for making the tapes available; to Petra Mertens, Beate Maaß, and Ute Barth for their committed work in transcribing the tapes verbatim; and to Helen Minder for organising the whole project. But most of all our thanks go to Godwin himself for these simple, practical, yet profound teachings on meditation and the Dhamma, particularly as they relate to our everyday lives and experience.

Jeanne Mynett
June 2003