Godwin Samararatne
The End of Suffering

edited by
Jeanne Mynett (2010)





1: Introduction to Meditation

2: Is Meditation Developing Concentration?

3: Obstacles to Meditation

4: Stress and Meditation

5: Motivation and Meditation

6: One Day Meditation Retreat



It is very pleasing that in the year of Godwin's 10th death anniversary we are able to publish this new set of his retreat talks given in Hong Kong in 1999,the year before his untimely passing.

Godwin valued highly the opportunities that were offered him to teach year by year in Hong Kong, and elsewhere in the world, where he could renew his friendships with meditators, and see them grow through his teaching and the committment they brought to their practice. When Godwin travelled abroad he was always quick to pick up the particular concerns and cultural issues of his retreatants, therefore he addresses in these talks not only personal themes such as working with our thoughts and emotions, but also the pertinent issues of stress, competition and consumerism in the wider society. Thus his teachings have become a valuable resource for so many people in facing the challenges of their everyday lives.

We are most grateful to Edmond Lam and Yuk Ching for all their work in transcribing the tapes of Godwin's talks, to Jack Chan for forwarding the transripts to us for Godwin's website, and to all Godwin's spiritual friends in Hong Kong for their work in conserving and publishing Godwin's teachings over the last 10 years. We are happy that friendly links have been maintained and strengthened with the Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Centre in Sri Lanka, where Godwin was resident teacher for 20 years, through their individual and group visits, and more recently their hosting Godwin's successor, Upul Gamage, to lead further meditation retreats in Hong Kong.

We trust that this offering of Godwin's teaching to a wider audience will be an inspiration to many in their spiritual practice and effort to free themselves from suffering.

Jeanne Mynett
July 2010