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The Gentle Way of Buddhist Meditation
Godwin's Retreat Talks in Hong Kong 1997


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1: Introduction to Meditation (6 Talks)

1: Why We Should Meditate

2: The Importance of Awareness

3: The Importance of the Dhamma

4: Mindfulness of Breathing

5: Meditation on Loving-kindness

6: Meditation and Emotions


2: The Experience of Meditation (1-Day Retreat Talks)

1: Meditation in Daily Life

2: How to Integrate Meditation with Daily Life


3: Working with Meditation (7 Retreat Talks)

1: What we can Try to do During the Retreat

2: Sharing on What Happened on That Day

3: Benefits of Loving-kindness Meditation

4: Emotions and Meditation

5: Thoughts and Meditation

6: Integrating Meditation with Daily Life

7: Summary and Conclusion



We will always be tremendously grateful to Leung Yuk-ching, Paul Baran, and Godwin's friends in Hong Kong who published the first transcriptions of his retreat talks on the Internet shortly before his passing away in March 2000. For the next 3 years they were the only readily available record of Godwin's teaching, and proved to be a most valuable resource for those who treasured Godwin's special approach to meditation, or those who wished to become acquainted with his teaching.

However, having now edited two sets of talks from Godwin's retreats in Germany, I felt the need to revisit these Hong Kong talks and seek to put them into a coherent and consistent shape, to be more readable for those coming fresh to Godwin's teaching.

The first set of talks from Hong Kong, given at the Chi Lin Nunnery needed only minor re-editing to correct the grammar, remove unnecessary repetitions, and ensure the smooth flow of the written word and clarity in what Godwin was seeking to express.

The second set of talks was given at a one-day retreat in the Nunnery. I have liberally rearranged the material from the morning and afternoon sessions so that the guided meditations are followed by the questions and answers pertaining to the relevant meditation. I hope this makes the material flow more logically and coherently from one topic to the next. The Dhamma talk in the evening has been only slightly re-edited along the lines outlined above.

The third set of talks and discussions are from a seven-day meditation retreat at Fa Yim Kok. Besides the normal re-editing I have employed in this series, I found that the discussions in particular required substantial work to remove irrelevancies which did not add anything to our understanding; I have also occasionally rewritten some phrases and sentences to clarify the point Godwin was trying to make.

I would like to express my sincere thanks once again to all those involved in bringing out the original transcription of Godwin's Dhamma teachings in Hong Kong. I hope this re-presentation of Godwin's teachings will continue to inspire all who read them.

Jeanne Mynett
June 2004