Godwin at the Waldhaus 1998
Meditation for Everyday Life (7 Retreat Talks)

now published by the Buddhist Cultural Centre in Sri Lanka





Day 1: Awareness

Day 2: Loving-kindness

Day 3: Monsters

Day 4: Relationships

Day 5: Four Noble Truths

Day 6: Meditation Techniques

Day 7: Everyday Life



In editing the transciptions of these talks of Godwin's retreat it soon became clear how different spoken communication is from the written word! I have therefore tried to put these talks into a form which, while hopefully still bearing the stamp of Godwin's unique style of speech and expression, yet flows more clearly and smoothly for the reader. This has necessitated omitting repetitions, filling in gaps, and some minor re-arranging of the spoken text for greater comprehensibility. I trust that the result is to make Godwin's simple yet profound teaching more accessible.

Many thanks are due to the Waldhaus for making the tapes available, and to Petra Mertens and Beate Maaß who did the laborious work of transcribing them, and to Helen Minder who organised the whole project. It has been very much a group undertaking!

Jeanne Mynett
June 2002