Tributes to Godwin

Death is the most certain thing in life,
but unfortunately we forget the most certain thing in life
and get involved in other things that are uncertain.

But if you can be with this most certain thing in life,
then when we encounter it, either in ourselves or in others
it doesn't affect us in the same way.

- Godwin speaking in Hong Kong, 1998


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...the wisest and kindest person I have ever had the privilege to know... by S. Dhammika

...above all a truly selfless person... Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

...he taught Buddhism by the example of his own life... by Ian Stevenson

...a rare person with the noblest qualities... by Tissa Amarasekera

... he embodied all that is good and wonderful... by Mrs. Visakha Wickrameratne

... he never thought in terms of I, me and mine... by Mrs. Visakha Wickrameratne

...the kindest man I ever met... by Peter van Leeuwen embodiment of Dhamma... by Mrs. Pat Jayatilleke

...the spiritual beauty of Mr. Godwin surpasses all others... by T.B. Dissanayake

...a great and beautiful person... by Sampath Dissanayake

...Bescheidenheit und Zurück-haltung waren sein Lebensausdruck... by Paul Köppler

...Much more than with words he taught by being who he was... by Katherina

...najmudriji i najsuosjećajniji čovjek kojeg sam imao čast poznavati... by S. Dhammika

...we all deserve to experience the kindness that Godwin pointed towards in his teaching... by Robert Anthony Young III


Memorial Tributes (from Remembering Godwin, 2010)
Edited and Compiled by Dennis Candy and Sampath Dissanayake
Copyright © 2010 Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Centre Trust Board (used with permission)

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Tributes PDF

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Foreword by Bhikkhu Bodhi

My Friend Godwin by Dr Ranil Abeyasinghe

Godwin: In Memoriam by Bhante Olande Ananda

Publishing Godwin by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

Godwin Samararatne: In Appreciation by Anne M. Blackburn

Godwin's Impact on My Life by Amy Chiang

Godwin in South Africa by Mervyn Croft

Teacher, Friend, Nobody by Upul Gamage

Godwin Samararatne: An Appreciation by Dr Kithsiri Herath

Great Guru Godwin, as a Gentle Guide on the Path to Liberation by H. B. Jayasinghe

Godwin Samararatne: A True Hero by Robert Jordi

Godwin Samararatne: A Tribute to a Remarkable Man by Dr. P.W. Kodituwakku

Godwin Samararatne: Friend and Teacher by Paul Koppler

Godwin Samararatne: Meditation Teacher with a Gentle Touch by U. C. S. Perera

Godwin Samararatne: A Tribute by O. R. Rao

Godwin, Dear Friend, Dear Teacher by Deepal Sooriyaarachchi

Letter to Godwin by Paul van Hooydonck

Afterword: Recollections of Godwin's Last Days by Upul Gamage