Godwin Samararatne
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He was able, straight, and upright, easy to speak to, meek, without conceit,
Satisfied with little, easy to support, free from duties, and light in living,

With faculties at peace, prudent, not forward, not greedy among the families,
He did not do the slightest thing whereby the wise might find fault with him.

His only wish was:

May All Beings Be Happy And Secure,
May All Beings In Their Hearts Be Happy!

--- cf. Metta Sutta (vs. 1-3)



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Retreat Talks in Hong Kong:

The Gentle Way of Buddhist Meditation (1997)

Living Meditation (1998)

The End of Suffering (1999)


Retreat Talks in Germany:

Discovering Meditation (1996)

Meditation for Everyday Life (1998)


Retreat Talks in Holland:

Learning through Meditation (1996 & 1998)


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